Who are we?

Learn who we are?

ornament1 One need not be ethnically Ukrainian to join our parish. The Ukrainian Catholic Church is a church that comes from the Ukrainian people, but is for the entire human race.

The New Martyrs of the UGCC

ornament1His Beatitude Patriarch Sviatoslav blessed the transfer of the relics of new martyrs of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church to venerate in the projected Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Shrine.

Our history

ornament1 The Ukrainian presence in Palatine grew and by 1962 it was obvious that more permanent arrangements were in order.

What we do?

ornament1 Immaculate Conception organizes various ministries including Religious School, Brotherhood, Sisterhood and Theology of the Body.

Upcoming Events

FB Event 24 Hour Prayer Vigil
It is very important that we carry on parish life as the parish family that we are and that our priests be available to serve you in this very difficult time. For the present the following schedule will be maintained.



10:00 AM – English Video
11:30 – Ukrainian Video

CONFESSION: every Saturday from 10:15 to 11:15
                            Wednesday from 11-1 and from 7-8
                            and as needed (please call the rectory first to schedule a time)

COMMUNION can be received ONLY individually after Confession 1 on 1 maintaining social distancing precautions.

DO YOU NEED TO TALK TO A PRIEST primarily by phone
                                                  Fr. Mykhailo 847-991-0820
                                                  Fr. Yaroslav 224-801-1907
                         if needed in person please call priest to schedule time

Our prayers are with you. If you have any particular needs or prayer intentions let us know.

Fr. Mykhailo & Fr. Yaroslav

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Roman Catholic Pope FrancisPope Francis

When one lives attached to money, pride or power, it is impossible to be truly happy.

Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Patriarch SviatoslavPatriarch Sviatoslav

The one who lives in truth will be the victor.

father mykhailo - pastor at Immaculate Conception Catholic Ukrainian ChurchFarther Mykhailo Kuzma

My earnest prayer for all of you is that we continue to grow in love for God and one another.