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March 18, 2020                                                                                           OUT-2020-66ENG


Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Dear Reverend Fathers-Pastors, Administrators and Deacons of St. Nicholas Eparchy

With the blessing of Bishop Benedict, this appeal from the Bishops of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the United States of America concerning the COVID-19 pandemic is shared with you. This appeal refers specifically to the prescribed norms and practices to be implemented in these difficult times. Please acquaint your faithful with this appeal and explain it to them.

The Church will pray and serve, regardless of the inability to have public liturgical services, and that is why all Reverend Fathers and Deacons are urged to:

  • serve liturgical services in accordance with previously scheduled liturgical services without presence of the community of the faithful and adhere to the directives set forth by your local municipalities regarding public gatherings.
  • to intensify their prayers for the end of this pandemic, for the healing of those fallen ill and for all those who find themselves in “hot zones” who are serving the public in fighting this battle.
  • organize, if possible, online video translation of all liturgical services for the faithful.
  • announce times, when the church can be made available for personal prayer for the faithful.

The Bishop leaves the implementation of this plan is left to the discretion of each of you, because he believes, that each of you understand the gravity of the current situation. In this time of trial, Reverend Fathers, we will prove before God and to the faithful our faith, hope and love, these three Virtues of God, that make us human, created in the image of Our Heavenly Father.


Very Rev. Serhiy Kovalchuk
St. Nicholas Eparchy


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