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Official Fasting and Abstinence Rules Prescribed for the Ukrainian Greco - Catholic Church

Fr. Michael Winn Definitions Abstinence means that we do not eat a certain type of food or any other foods that have that as an ingredient. Fasting means that we eat less food. A general rule is that for a day of fast, the amount of food of the main meal is less than the…

Do not neglect the Fast St Anthony The Great

By:  Mother Mary (of Bussy-en-Othe) and Archimandrite Kallistos Ware1   …  (In) order for us to experience the full power of this Paschal rejoicing, each of us needs to pass through a time of preparation… without this expectant preparation, the deeper meaning of the Easter celebration will be lost… So it is that before the…

Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church

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