Dear Friends,

God has brought us to this moment in time. He has been with us through years of reflection, prayer, discussion and discernment. It is not a coincidence that, as we celebrate the end of our 50th anniversary year, we are poised to prepare ourselves well for the future by moving forward with a new church building that will not only welcome our own community of faith but also our visiting brothers and sisters in Christ as an Eparchial Shrine.

Thanks to the dedication, hard work and generosity of our founding members, a modest church was built in the Village of Palatine for the growing Ukrainian population. While this structure was, from the beginning, designated as temporary, it has served us well for half a century. It has provided us a place to grow in our faith, to pray for Divine Guidance and to gather as a true family of God.

With deep gratitude for the blessings He has given, we invite the moral and financial support of each member of our congregation and the many friends of Immaculate Conception on behalf of this vital initiative. Every prayer, volunteer effort and sacrificial contribution will take us a step closer to completing the Conception of the Immaculate Mother of God Shrine. Please join me in this most sacred journey.

For the Glory of God!

Fr. Mykhailo Kuzma

Most Reverend Mykhailo Kuzma, Pastor

Fr. Mykhailo Kuzma