“Without cost you
have received; without cost you are to give.”

~ Matthew 10:8

The cost of our new Shrine of the Conception of the Immaculate Mother of God is $3.5 million. To meet this ambitious goal, we will invite pledges from each and every member of our Parish community as well as friends, relatives and neighbors. To reach our objective, we will need the following:

  • heartfelt, continuous prayer that this effort be successful in not only meeting the monetary goals, but doing so in a unified, positive manner as we work together in God’s name.
  • thoughtful and proportionate gifts – commensurate with one’s ability to give – to be made over a three-year period.
  • exceptional volunteerism to assist with all elements of the campaign.
  • appreciation for all the blessings we have been given and a sincere measure of gratitude as an expression of thanksgiving.

Matching Gifts

One way to increase your gift to our 50th Anniversary Campaign without writing a larger check is to use the Matching Gift program offered by your employer. Under most circumstances, the donor simply completes a form which is then verified by the Parish Office. Many firms will match contributions to charities at a one-to-one ratio or sometimes higher – from both employees and retirees. If you are uncertain about your company’s policy, check with your human resources department. A few minutes could double the impact of your contribution!

Giving Over Time

While some parishioners may wish to make a large single gift in support of this effort, others have requested a payment schedule that will allow them to extend the possibilities of their generosity. These gifts can be made in annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly installments.

Campaign Contributions
(based on a three-year pledge period)

Gift Level
Annual Amount
Quarterly Amount
Monthly Amount
Weekly Amount

All figures rounded to the nearest dollar

In Honor Or Memory

Your gift or pledge in memory or in recognition of someone you wish to honor (a family member, friend, colleague, clergy, teacher) provides a beautiful memorial or tribute to a special person in your life.