Our Priests

Christ continues to bless us abundantly, and as many have stated over the years, our parish “the little parish with a big heart” continues to grow and be nourished by our Lord. The Immaculate Mother of God continues to intercede, protected and watch over us. We thank God for the committed priests who have served all these past years. Thanks be to God for the gift of our faith, our Ukrainian heritage and for the fact that we are part of the Kyivan Church, the Church of Martyrs who have survived persecution, oppression and suppression and continue to grow and flourish. I thank God for all of you, my dearly beloved parishioners, Ukrainian and American speaking members of our beloved parish family. We truly have been blessed abundantly.

Parish Committees

Stephen Kuropas

Parish Pastoral Council

Lesia Stasiuk

Finance Committee

Oksana Kuzma

First Solemn Communion,
Parish Clean Up, Altar Linens and Flowers Committee

Michael Panko

Building Committee

John Panko

Altar Boys

Andrij Halak

Brotherhood of St. Michael

Svitlana Sanahurska