Altar-Boys-1For the past 50 years at Immaculate Conception, we have been blessed to have a dedicated group of altar boys to serve at our Liturgies and other events and services. Starting at the age of about 8 years old (usually at the time of 1st Holy Communion) and hopefully continuing through graduation from high school, our young men have been very reverent and dedicated in serving God and our priests. We have seen them grow in their knowledge of the Liturgy and our Faith and continue to be active members of our parish. Through the responsibility developed in serving, we hope it has helped to build a strong character in them so they mature into solid Christian men.

Serving as an altar boy and doing a good job demands a serious commitment. Around the holidays and feast days our young men look forward to helping with the extra services. Easter is especially busy with the Good Friday observance, Saturday basket blessings, and our traditional Sunday Resurrection celebration. These are the events that they will remember for the rest of their lives as they appreciate the privilege they have been given to serve God on the altar. We have seen many of the high school and college aged young men mentor and encourage the younger altar boys to build good habits and discipline. Our altar boys are also a great help with various duties in the sacristy and other needs in the parish. We appreciate their participation and fine example. May God richly bless all those who have given their time and efforts to serve as altar boys at Immaculate Conception.