Religion SchoolOne of the significant developments in our Parish is RELIGIOUS EDUCATION (CATECHESIS). Oksana Kuzma has taught First Holy Communion classes since arriving in Palatine assisted at various times by Jill Panko, Laryssa Das and Bevan Das. Religious education classes were expanded after Lee Ann and Martin Seitz became members of the parish in 1998. In 1999, Lee Ann and Christina Rudawska added a class for older children; Sts. George and Sophia are the patron saints of our Sunday Religion School. In time the children were divided into more manageable classes with Laryssa and Bevan Das and Lee Ann and Martin Seitz serving as teachers. By 2002, the student population had increased so that the clubhouse became too small for classes. Thanks to a gracious offer from the Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) organization, the religion school was able to move to CYM building next door. Under the leadership of Martin and Lee Ann Seitz and such teachers as Vitali Basiourski, Cindy Graf, Anna Chorney, Patty Kuropas and Colleen Sullivan religious classes continue until the present day.

Adult religion classes began in 1995. That same year Bishop Wiwchar initiated a series of annual eparchial conferences. The theme in 1995 was “We Are the Church”. One of the results of the conference was the creation of a parish evangelization committee.