Go up to the hills and bring wood
and build the house, that I may take pleasure in it and that I may
appear in my glory, says the Lord.

~ Book of the Prophet Haggai, Chapter 1

Extensive research has been done on the possibility of expanding our current building. Unfortunately, the costs involved compared to the anticipated results do not make this a viable option. With very crowded combined Liturgies, parking challenges, the incredibly steep stairs and impending facility updates (including roof repairs, furnace and water pump), we are now continuing the legacy of our founding members. We, too, are answering God’s call and, by constructing a new Church and Shrine, we will be able to accommodate all who wish to praise His name. Known for our spirit of openness and diversity, we are uniquely enriched by our fellow parishioners and those who visit Immaculate Conception. With this larger, accessible space, we will no longer be limited in our outreach and welcome.

Our new Church and Shrine, which will incorporate more of the traditional Ukrainian Byzantine architecture and theology, will also help us focus on our priority of evangelization and sustaining our mission. This will not only serve as a testament to our founding members, but will inspire each of us to leave our own mark on the Immaculate Conception community through the work we do in His name and for His glory.

With the blessing of the commemorative stones for the new Church by Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk in September of 2011, the encouragement of Bishop Richard Seminack, our Eparch, the recommendation of our Eparchial Consulters, the unanimous approval by the Zoning Board and the Palatine Village Council, and the enthusiasm of our Leadership Team and your support, we are taking the next important steps in our $2.2 million capital campaign. Many of us have felt guided toward this path and inspired to answer this special call to action. As His Beatitude Sviatoslav told us, “When we place Jesus Christ, the living God who is among us, as the cornerstone of our personal lives, then we will accomplish everything…including the building of a new church.”