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Pope Francis

Many of our faithful, sometimes also as pastors, may feel confused, helpless, or hopeless in the face of this epidemic. And I firmly believe that in such a difficult situation, as always in difficult times, only prayer can help, as recently said by His Beatitude Svyatoslav: “The Church’s first response to a pandemic is prayer.”

You have probably all heard about the wonderful Pope Francis Prayer Initiative, which was announced yesterday, March 22, after the angel of the Lord, by saying to all: to call upon the Most High, the Almighty God, while at the same time saying the prayer that our Lord Jesus taught us. So, I invite everyone to do this many times throughout the day, but also to say “Our Father” next Wednesday, March 25 at noon “(see

I sincerely ask you to join me personally and spread the information about these prayer initiatives in your eparchies and exarchates!

The first initiative will be held on Wednesday, March 25, at noon (1:00 PM Kyiv time). If possible, please join us, if this time is not good for your eparchy, please coordinate the appropriate time for your entire eparchy or exarchate.

The second prayer initiative will be held on Friday, March 27 at 7:00 pm (Kyiv time).
I ask you to make every effort to have as many people as possible, # Remaining at Home and # Working at Home, with our help, too, join in these wonderful Holy Father’s prayer initiatives!

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