Heavenly Father, may we become witnesses of Your love and be able to see our brother and Your Son in the face of every person we meet.

Most Holy Mother of God, today again we consecrate ourselves, our families, our parish and our benefactors to You our Mother and Protectress, and through You to Your beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ, send down the grace of Your Holy Spirit, and bless the foundations of the temple which is to be built to the glory of Your most-holy Name.

By Your divine Providence abundantly multiply all things necessary for the building and completion of this Shrine.

May this Shrine consecrated to the Conception of the Immaculate Mother of God be perfect and filled with glory, that in it Your great and most-holy Name may be glorified and Your Mother and ours come to be known by all of Her children.

May this place be a house of prayer for all nations, a place where those who do not know Jesus will come to know Him and His merciful love, a place of healing of mind, body, soul and spirit.

O Mother worthy of all praise, Seeker of Your lost children! You who have given birth to the Word, the Holiest of Holy, accept this prayer. Deliver all Your children from every affliction, illness and bondage to the evil one. Save all, especially those who have not come to know Your Son’s love. We sing to You, alleluia!