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Open our minds to know….

Holy Spirit,
Open our minds to know Jesus.
Open our hearts to receive His Love.

Holy Spirit,
Send your cleansing wind.
Blow away our doubts and fears.
Give us the wisdom to know
Your will and the courage to follow it
Give us the mind of Jesus.

Holy Spirit,
Ignite your holy fire in our souls.
Burn away anger and resentment
Warm us with love for You and for
one another.
Make us all one as you, the Father
and the Son, are one.

Holy Spirit,
Send us Your light.
Drive out confusion and despair.
Teach us to know Your truth.
Teach us to understand one another.

Holy Spirit,
lead us on the path
of justice and peace.

Holy Spirit,
send us forth to witness to the
Gospel by word and example.
May all who have been redeemed
by the blood of Christ, come to
know You, the one true God,
and Jesus Christ, whom
You have sent.

Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church

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